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GCA5 officially released way back in February.

I swear I posted about it here, but there’s no post, so maybe I didn’t.

Anyway, you can now get GURPS Character Assistant 5 from Steve Jackson Games’ Warehouse 23 store.

If you already owned GCA4, bought from Warehouse 23, you already own GCA5. Your older copy has become GURPS Character Assistant (Legacy) in your library. GCA5 is now the download for GURPS Character Assistant in your library. Just download the ZIP and use the setup program it contains to install GCA5.

GCA can install a lot of updates for itself through the Check for Updates in the Help menu. But it can not update itself that way. For future GCA5 program updates, you’ll re-download the ZIP file from Warehouse 23 and rerun the Setup program it contains. With GCA5 already installed, it’ll use a shortened install mode to ask fewer questions and instead just install over the top of your current install.

Thanks, and enjoy!

A Primer on Why the Chronic Suffering of the VB.NET Community is neither Necessary nor a Matter of Expense or Practicality | Anthony’s blog

And that is how we get where we are today. Not cost. Not practicality. Not philosophy. Not necessity. But failure to adapt. Neglect. Which doesn’t require conspiratorial malice; but that doesn’t matter because at a certain point—the point we’re at right now—any sufficiently advanced negligence is indistinguishable from malice.

Source: A Primer on Why the Chronic Suffering of the VB.NET Community is neither Necessary nor a Matter of Expense or Practicality | Anthony’s blog

WordPress, your new Gutenberg block editor is terrible

WordPress, your new Gutenberg editor provides a terrible UX. Not the worst ever, but much worse than it should have been, for no apparent reason.

I’m really damn tired of that toolbar floating above the block. It seems to always be covering up what I want to be seeing as I’m working.

Put the toolbar back at the top of the page, where it belongs. Let me change block types by picking them in a drop-down list, instead of having to click to change the type, click to pick the type, and then click again to pick the variation.

The side bar of the page constantly shifts to provide me with block information. That might be nice, if you actually put stuff I could use there, but you don’t. At least, not usually. For Headings some of the same stuff from the toolbar appears over there, but not for other block types. And none of that would be necessary if you just kept the toolbar stuff at the top, like it used to be, and like everyone else does it, because it works that way.

If I pick Hide Block Settings, since they’re usually not at all useful, why does it hide the Document tab also, instead of just hiding the Block tab like I wanted, and letting me keep the Document tab?

Why can’t I add media from a button? I still have no idea how I add media from my Media Library into a post. Best I can tell right now, I can’t add media at all unless I drag it onto the window.

Your new block editor could have been easily, and almost transparently, integrated into WordPress if you’d just kept the basic UI the same, meaning the basic UX would also be nearly unchanged. You seem to have changed things just to change them, without considering how people actually use the tools.

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