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Stuff about working on GCA 5.

GCA5 officially released way back in February.

I swear I posted about it here, but there’s no post, so maybe I didn’t.

Anyway, you can now get GURPS Character Assistant 5 from Steve Jackson Games’ Warehouse 23 store.

If you already owned GCA4, bought from Warehouse 23, you already own GCA5. Your older copy has become GURPS Character Assistant (Legacy) in your library. GCA5 is now the download for GURPS Character Assistant in your library. Just download the ZIP and use the setup program it contains to install GCA5.

GCA can install a lot of updates for itself through the Check for Updates in the Help menu. But it can not update itself that way. For future GCA5 program updates, you’ll re-download the ZIP file from Warehouse 23 and rerun the Setup program it contains. With GCA5 already installed, it’ll use a shortened install mode to ask fewer questions and instead just install over the top of your current install.

Thanks, and enjoy!