Monthly Archives: September 2009

Brain full, come back later.

I’m learning more stuff in Visual Studio every day, but the best part is that I’m proficient enough with most of it now that I can actually get a lot done each day.

Today I learned how to instantiate new controls in code, add them to my form or container, and add event handlers to them. Not something I needed to do yet, but I’ll need it soon, and it’s even fairly easy, thanks to a helpful tutorial I found through the help system. (I still don’t care much for the help system, but we’re getting along better now.) This is easy enough that I don’t miss control arrays for this purpose, and the flexibility is better, but I still miss them for other things.

Unfortunately, I still have lots to learn once I get outside of the basic VB language features. For example, there are so many different types of collections now, and I need to learn the basics of them so that I know which one to use for what purpose. And then I need to implement custom versions of them, as necessary (which actually doesn’t appear hard at all).

There’s so much more for me to learn, but at least I know enough to generally work around what I haven’t figured out yet. Which is a lot. And which is sometimes incredibly frustrating. But I’m getting there.

Lost icons

I thought at first that I’d imagined it, but now I’m positive: Windows 7 sometimes deletes some of my icons off of my desktop when it reboots. Today, there at at least 6 missing: One to my Computer icon, all of the ones to my external drives and my CD drive, and one of my folder shortcuts.

WTF Microsoft?

My first thought was some sort of “unused icons” cleanup, but most of these were ones I used yesterday, so that can’t be it. Instead, it’s most likely a bug in the desktop manager or something. So annoying.