Lost icons

I thought at first that I’d imagined it, but now I’m positive: Windows 7 sometimes deletes some of my icons off of my desktop when it reboots. Today, there at at least 6 missing: One to my Computer icon, all of the ones to my external drives and my CD drive, and one of my folder shortcuts.

WTF Microsoft?

My first thought was some sort of “unused icons” cleanup, but most of these were ones I used yesterday, so that can’t be it. Instead, it’s most likely a bug in the desktop manager or something. So annoying.

3 thoughts on “Lost icons

  1. Cori

    it just dawned on me you may not be in the mood for kidding, so i take back my Linux comment…i know you can’t because of your work stuff (see, i do listen!) so instead i shall just sympathize with your Windows woes.

  2. Armin Post author

    Eh. The shortcut icons disappearing is annoying, but doesn’t make me angry. If it removed an actual file or something, that would.

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