Bring the Pain.

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time working in VB.NET 2005, and I’m starting to get my brain trained to the new requirements for that language. I’d still like to hurt the programmers who C’d up my language, but I think I’ll be able to adjust given a bit more time with it. Funny story: I spent hours the other day trying to figure out why the heck I couldn’t get passing an array to a procedure to work. Was frustratated still when I stopped for the day. The next morning, I woke up and knew what the problem was: I was stuck in the VB6 mode of thinking, so I kept trying to pass the array with empty parens, when I should have just been passing the array’s name. Worked just fine after that.

GCA: GCA crossed 2900 downloads at e23 waaaaay back on June 11, 2008. Maybe I’ll start posting these closer to the event again now that I’ve got this WordPress thing goin’ on.

5 thoughts on “Bring the Pain.

  1. Clay Dowling

    I check that page all the time. I like the fact that GCA is consistently near the top. I’d much rather make my living (or at least some okay income) writing gaming software than the insurance software that I currently write. It is very hard to get excited about insurance call center processing software, no matter how cool the code behind it is.

  2. Clay Dowling

    Oh, and the C# guys are always thinking “Who basiced up my C?”

    BASIC was actually my first language, so I shouldn’t be so down on it, but I’m a lot happier working in C than in Basic. Obviously not everyone shares that opinion.

  3. Armin Post author

    >>Iā€™d much rather make my living (or at least some okay income) writing gaming software<< So would I. I think the only real chance of that is coding for D&D apps, or computer gaming, though. Even if I billed myself the cheapest rate I could live off of, GCA has never paid for itself, and still doesn't. Wish it were otherwise. I certainly don't object to the money it does make, though šŸ˜‰ >>but Iā€™m a lot happier working in C than in Basic<< My brain doesn't process the symbols and structure methods of C-langs very well. Often, it's like trying to make sense out of word-salad.

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