Today I spent some time looking at some wikis, mostly MediaWiki (which powers Wikipedia; surely overkill for me, but well known), for possible use on my GCA site. It has become abundantly clear that I’m not getting the technical and advanced help docs done in any sort of rapid fashion (glaciers move faster), so it was suggested that a user-to-user help site, such as a wiki, would be great. I’d resisted such things before, but I think it’s time now.

Anyway, never really having used a wiki before, let alone installed one, it’s a bit to do. I did get MediaWiki installed, but trying to set some of the configuration variables as I think they’re supposed to be set just crashes the thing, instead. Clearly, I have more to learn, but at least I have something that maybe I’ll let folks mess with. I think I’ll see what my beta crew has to say, first, though.

Anyway, something new for me today that isn’t VB.NET related.

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