Miscellaneous Stuffs.

It’s a light week for blogging, I guess, at least since the new blog. Not a lot new to talk about. I am trying another variation on the blog theme I’ve been using for a while, though.

I’ve been spending most of my programming time split between VB.NET (with the lion’s share) and REALbasic, which I’m also trying to get up to speed on after having owned it for several years now. REALbasic seems to feel more like what I’m used to, although I think I’m going to have to use VB.NET for a number of work projects, regardless. If I can come to terms with some of the feature differences between VB6 and REALbasic, though, I may use REALbasic for a future GCA version. Nothing definite, yet, although I’m pretty happy with a lot of what I’m seeing right now.

I saw The Dark Knight on Monday. It was very good. Nothing profound to say about it. In recent weeks I’ve also seen Hellboy II: The Golden Army, Hancock, and Wanted. Enjoyed all of them. I may be easily pleased; not sure.

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