Dark Imax and Wii.

This past Sunday some friends and I went down to the Imax theater and saw the Imax The Dark Knight. After hearing from some other folks that “you have to see it in Imax”, I did, and I have to say: not all that impressed by Imax. Sure, the screen is bigger, and I liked that in some scenes, but I was really annoyed by the fact that the movie didn’t use the whole screen the whole time, and every time it shifted one way or the other, it annoyed me. I don’t think I’ll be spending my money on any more Imax shows, as I don’t feel the premium price is worth the return.

After seeing The Dark Knight, those friends and some others met up at Jon’s house for some dinner and some Wii. Gen made us some salmon for dinner, and some blackberry pie for dessert. Yummy nom noms. Steve brought a cake, and I brought cookies, and Jon already had cookies and ice cream, so we also had lots of sweet snacks. Luckily we also had a veggie plate, or the sugar may have made our heads explode.

So, we hooked up my Wii, and proceeded to spend many hours Wiiing together. Between myself and Kevin we had four Wiimotes, so we could get a lot of four player action going. I only had one Wii wheel, though (Kevin had two), so when playing Mario Kart one person had to use the Wiimote as a handlebar instead of a wheel. I am definitely not a great kart driver, but it was a lot of fun, definitely more fun playing with others than playing alone. Later, after about half the group left, we also played some four-player tennis in Wii Sports, and that was also much more fun than I’d have expected. I apparently exerted myself a little too much doing that, though, and have some soreness in my arm.

I’ll say that the commercials are pretty much right, and the Wii makes for a fun party console.

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