And more snow.

Yesterday, another storm front moved in, and it snowed all day, dumping inches of snow on the ground. More snow is falling even now. Today’s new snow is falling on top of a crust of ice from freezing rain late last night, which made for an interesting hard shell to stomp through when tromping about in the snow this afternoon.

Undetered by the falling snow yesterday, Kevin was out driving around with Gen, and since he ended up in my area, he invited me out for lunch and a movie. It was nice to be out in the snow, and Kevin’s Jeep did pretty well driving in it. As the afternoon progressed, fewer people were on the roads, but I was still surprised at how many folks were out shopping, seeing movies, and other non-vital things.

How much snow was falling, and how it just kept coming was strangely exciting to me. Probably a throwback to my youth, when it would mean no school, and sledding down the hill. I did wish that I was a cross-country skiier, so I could be out doing something fun in the fine white powder.

I’ve put some pics of the current snowfall into my Flickr stream.

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